What’s New in SAP Intelligent Asset Management?

What’s New in SAP Intelligent Asset Management? featured image

On-Demand Webinar

Get the latest information on SAP’s strategy and roadmap, across the complete SAP Intelligent Asset Management suite. Specifically, we will cover updates for S/4HANA (Sep 2019 release), Asset Intelligence Network (May 2020 release), Asset Strategy & Performance Management (May 2020 release), Predictive Maintenance & Service (May 2020 release), Predictive Engineering Insights (May 2020 release) and Asset Manager (May 2020 release).

  • Do you understand SAP’s Intelligent Asset Management strategy?
  • Do you want to integrate Asset Performance Monitoring with Asset Operations and Maintenance?
  • Where does Industry 4.0 fit in, and how does it support higher levels of asset management maturity?