Learn how Rizing and SAP® solutions like the Sustainability Control Tower and EHS solutions offer automated data collection, AI-governed data processing, and real-time reporting to help organizations meet their sustainability and EHS goals.

The United Nations SDGs impact anyone responsible for their company’s sustainability. The UN created these goals as an ongoing blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet.

The goals also help people responsible for sustainability, Environment Health and Safety (EHS), and asset management improve their efforts.

The World Economic Forum & International Business Council used these goals to determine core ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) reporting metrics.

The Four Pillars of Sustainability


Governance evolves as businesses evolve their core purpose. But strategy, accountability, and stewardship are vital.


We must protect the planet through sustainable consumption and production. We must manage natural resources and act on climate change to support present and future generations.


We must end poverty and hunger, so all humans can find dignity and equality and live in a healthy environment.


We want humans to enjoy prosperous and fulfilling lives. We’ll ensure economic, social, and technological progress doesn’t hurt nature.

These four pillars are central to sustainability.

How can you use them to connect your assets, their management, and sustainability efforts in your operations?

Connecting Asset Management and Sustainability

Here are some specific ways:


Asset management requires several data-related actions:

  • Collection
  • Validation
  • Aggregation
  • Calculation
  • Insight
  • Optimization

Doing these tasks manually wastes time, labor, and money. The more data you collect, the more wasteful the process is.

Planners load this data into complex equations for calculating performance metrics. Errors in the manually processed data will cause inaccurate results (garbage in, garbage out).

Automation makes the process run faster with more accurate results. An automated process will improve your asset management and sustainability efforts.

Intelligent Technologies

Safety and compliance managers need to analyze:

  • EHS risks, hazards, and incidents
  • Employee data, including training and work history
  • Compliance and regulatory measures
  • Facilities, equipment, and assets data
  • Geopolitical data

It’s a massive amount of information to process without assistance. Intelligent technologies like AI and advanced analytics connected to master data sources can help.

Decision makers can use dashboards powered by real-time data. Sources for the data include monitoring devices, inspections, and field inputs. Incoming data is informed by master data and processed by intelligent technologies.

The Rizing and SAP Sustainability Advantage

SAP’s Sustainability Control Tower powers sustainability performance management, connecting to real-time views of EHS, ESG, and sustainability metrics.

The cloud-based Control Tower supports intelligent EHS processes and provides enterprise-wide visibility and analysis.

Rizing’s EHS solution portfolio covers all required areas for delivering EHS along with your sustainability goals:

Incident Management

  • Incident management
  • Near misses
  • Safety Observations

Health and Safety

  • Chemical approval and management
  • Operational risk assessment
  • Industrial hygiene and sampling
  • Occupational health
  • EHS Audit management

Environmental Management

  • Regulatory and permit compliance
  • Emissions management
  • Waste management
  • Management of Change

Maintenance Safety

  • Permit to work
  • Work clearance

Rizing’s SAP-focused EAM solutions provide real-time EHS reporting analytics, action tracking, and task management. We deliver intelligent, aware, automated EHS technologies to achieve your EHS and sustainability goals.

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