SAP Intelligent Asset Management: Building the Best Asset Strategy for Peak Performance
November 7, 2019

Find out how to build out an Asset Strategy that optimizes your assets, and utilizes Intelligent Asset Management.

Improving Efficiency in SAP by Simplifying the User Experience
October 23, 2019

Companies using the SAP suite of products may not be seeing the full benefits from the range of features purchased. Much of this has to do with systems that weren’t designed for different end users of varying skill levels who need to complete a variety of tasks throughout the day. Indifference, confusion and frustration cause hundreds of hours’ worth of wasted time and only further nurture the unproductive work environment. Through high-level User Experience projects, companies can easily reverse this inefficiency. A customized project plan can be developed through the help of a User Experience system analysis that not only simplifies processes for employees, but also allows companies to optimize their operation. These solutions maintain data integrity across departments and can even completely eliminate the need for system training. The intuitive interface can remain consistent across every device for higher user adaptation, ultimately bringing more money to the bottom line.

EAM: Thank you
October 21, 2019

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EAM: Thank you – Content
October 20, 2019

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PM: How Far Do You Want To Go
October 19, 2019

Vibration analysis is used to detect wear in rotating equipment. Thermography is used to detect loose connections or hot spots in electrical equipment. And oil analysis has at least two uses — to determine the condition of a lubricant and to examine the wear particles contained in the lubricant to determine the wear rate of the components in the system. When used to determine the relative condition of the equipment being lubricated, it is often referred to as “wear-particle analysis.” In addition to these technologies, there are others such as ultrasound that can be used to isolate air leaks, steam leaks, defective fluid power components, and other problems. 

Making a business case for the SAP + GIS Integration
October 18, 2019

Companies often use GIS and SAP for different purposes even if they are part of the same workflow. At its most basic level, GIS is used to add location to business processes. The majority of business data has a location component and GIS imbeds the “spatial factor” into operations. Download this paper to find out how companies employ GIS systems to map their assets.

Simplify the Asset Lifecycle with SAP Compatible Units

Construction of physical assets in a high volume, high repetition environment creates challenges within the entire build process from design, estimation, planning, capture of ”as-built” design, physical/ financial asset creation, and right into the associated activities of costing and reporting (including statutory reporting in regulated industries). Many organizations use a combination of separate systems and manual steps to address these challenges, and thereby introducing complexity, inefficiency and inaccuracy into these processes and outcomes…

SAP EAM Usability – Back to Basics
October 17, 2019

With all of today’s software technologies, operating systems, devices & other great innovative technologies, running simple SAP plant maintenance screens across said technologies can be, well,…not so simple.  SAP UI/UX simplification solutions and various mobile technologies are not new concepts, but many companies tell us these solutions are complicated to implement, cumbersome to manage, and overall much more expensive than planned.

SAP PM Printing Made Easy with Vesta Simple Print
October 14, 2019

Even the most experienced SAP users’ waste hours of valuable time clicking through multiple screens in SAP to find all related work order documents before printing. Is this something your team struggles with?

Check out this short webinar session to see a demo of how the Vesta Simple Print Solution streamlines the SAP Work Order printing process by displaying all related documents in one single screen. Documents are printed in one single work package which includes page numbers and the order id as watermark.