You’ve heard of the SAP Business Technology Platform, right?

The statistics say you have.

According to SAP user group ASUG, 69% of all SAP customers are using or considering SAP BTP for their organizations.

What is SAP BTP?

But just in case you are still getting up to speed, here’s a quick overview of BTP:

SAP’s Business Technology Platform (BTP) is a comprehensive platform designed to simplify business operations. BTP offers low code, no code, robust security features, and seamless integration with operational, financial, and HR data for complete analytical solutions.

“BTP is a range of products meant to be the mortar that brings an environment together. It basically works like an operating system on your phone, where you buy a basic standard device then download the specific apps you need into it.”
– Megan Butler, Rizing Future of Work Strategist

What Makes a Company More or Less Ready for BTP?

Motocross racers, Olympic long-jumpers, and steeplechase jockeys all share one thing: They don’t jump without knowing where they will land.

Organizational project managers can do the same – research landing pads before jumping into any new technology.

What does the BTP landing pad look like?

Critical factors like mindset, change management capabilities, and investment can influence your BTP readiness. We also look at your existing technology stack and governance models. We look at aspects such as the quick transferability of your governance program, role-based access establishment, and alignment with BTP across organizational, technological, and people dimensions.” – Megan Butler

What Can BTP Do?

Rizing has extensive BTP experience. As a result of numerous client engagements, we’ve created BTP-based products to solve common client challenges.

Examples include:


Rizing’s Lyra accelerates the creation of people analytics dashboards with prebuilt templates populated with industry-standard metrics. Used in conjunction with a BTP-based tool to aggregate corporate data from different sources, companies can have advanced analytics in place in just a few weeks.

LMS Planner

Rizing’s LMS Planner is a robust long-term planning and forecasting solution extension.


Carbon synchronizes large transaction volumes between SAP and project planning systems.

See more BTP-based products from Rizing.

What is the BTP Health Check Survey?

We’ve created a BTP Health Check Survey to see if your organization is growing that same fruit.

The survey results will show how prepared your company is for BTP implementation, indicating whether education, technology evaluation, or strategic alignment is necessary to fill any existing gaps.

“The BTP Health Check Survey is a quick 10-minute health check to determine how well prepared your organization is for SAP’s Business Technology Platform. It serves as an initial gauge and guides you toward the best next step. That might be diving into unique projects or proceeding with a more in-depth assessment to understand your unique BTP needs and make a strategic plan.” Megan Butler

How Does the Survey Work?

Pretty simple, really.

You fill out the survey request.

We send you a link to a web-based survey to complete.

Once submitted, our BTP team reviews your results and compiles a custom BTP Health Check report.

You can either work with those results or schedule a review session with our staff to walk through the results and make recommendations.

One of those recommendations might include moving into a full BTP assessment.

We designed the full BTP assessment to result in a strategy and roadmap to develop an organization’s unique BTP solutions. This health check is a great quick first step to lead into the full assessment.” – Megan Butler

Benefits of the BTP Health Check Survey

Consider Rizing’s BTP Health Check Survey for:

  • Efficiency: Swiftly assess your readiness without lengthy analysis
  • Focus: Identify crucial areas for attention without getting lost in early engagement discussions
  • Clarity: Minimize conversations and meetings by streamlining the assessment process
  • Collaboration: Create a clear understanding between internal stakeholders and facilitate quicker decision-making
  • Recommendations: Receive tailored suggestions based on your BTP readiness

Take the BTP Health Check Survey!

Ready to take the quick 10-minute assessment, gain insights, and pave the way for informed decisions and strategic planning?

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