Rizing Senior Vice President of Experience Management and Analytics Mark O’Donnell recently appeared on an episode of the Configure It Done podcast, where “thought leaders in the SAP space share their insight, methodology, learning’s and unique stories on how to successfully lead large scale SAP Programs.

O’Donnell talked with host Jay Wynter about how SAP is evolving, focusing on the intersection of technology and employee experience.

Key takeaways from the conversation:

1. The Changing SAP Landscape:

The dynamics are shifting in the SAP space, especially with the emergence of the Business Technology Platform (BTP). The opportunities to problem-solve and innovate within the SAP ecosystem are increasing, especially as companies look to transition from traditional approaches to more standardized solutions.

2. Classic Consulting is Back in Style

The role of consultants is changing and – in a way – returning to classic consulting practices. There is a renewed focus on understanding business problems, developing technical solutions, and facilitating solutions.

This shift, especially in the context of the BTP, allows for a more dynamic and collaborative problem-solving approach.

3. Employee Experience vs. Customer Experience:

Rizing’s unique approach centers around improving employee experience, particularly using Qualtrics, an experience management platform.

There is a crucial connection between employee experience and customer experience, and a positive employee experience directly influences:

  • Customer interactions
  • Motivation
  • Retention
  • Commercial solutions

Integration and Analytics:

Integrating solutions like Qualtrics with SAP SuccessFactors to enhance the employee lifecycle is critical, especially for the onboarding and exit processes.

And don’t just collect data. Instead, use analytics to learn what’s going on in your company. Use that knowledge to guide change based on employee feedback.

5. The Path Forward

The SAP ecosystem has endless possibilities fueled by the convergence of technology and experience management. Organizations need to embrace the potential of employee experience and develop plans to use the rich data available to drive employee-led change.

Organizations shouldn’t ignore the transformative potential of partnering with Rizing and SAP to blend technology, employee experience, and genuine consulting practices for organizational success.

Next Steps

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