Note: SuccessFactors now brands the latest version as Onboarding and the prior version as Onboarding 1.0. Many clients still use Onboarding 1.0 and a deprecation date has not been announced. Clients are encouraged to explore the new Onboarding and plan to move to it when feasible.

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Video Coverage

If video is your thing, view Nabila Natarajan (Rizing AMS Service Manager) and Fabian Hernandez (Rizing Talent Principal Consultant) as they discuss new Onboarding features on the Rizing HCM YouTube Channel:

Enhanced Internal Hire Onboarding Process

Future managers can access internal hire details on the Onboarding dashboard prior to the start date, allowing them to perform tasks such as scheduling meetings, recommending people, and recommending links. This allows for preparation of the new hire to begin ahead of time and more efficient onboarding.

New Hire Experience for Onboarding on the Latest Home Page

New Hires can now view and complete the Onboarding process using the Latest Home Page. Migration of old tiles occurs when the new home page is enabled in Upgrade Center.

Enhanced Onboarding Dashboard (New)

New sort and filter options are available on the new Onboarding Dashboard, to more easily sort through a long list of new hires and identify the priority tasks.

Access to Learning Courses for New Hires

New hires can now access assigned courses before their start date. They can also view the courses they’ve completed by navigating to Learning from the module list.

Enhanced Onboarding Restart Process

You can now configure whether to retain the new hire information in Onboarding after the manual and auto-restart, or to update the information from the data that is passed from Recruiting.

Compliance Forms

Additional TD1 compliance forms for Canada are now available.


The USCIS Form I-9 has improved instructions to help new hires complete I-9 forms correctly.


SuccessFactors H1 2021 Onboarding 1.0 Specific Updates

Enhancements to Proxy Management

Access to Onboarding 1.0 pages can now be controlled (if required) for users proxying into the system as other users.

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