This release was packed with improvements for Recruiting administrators. Check out the highlights below.

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If video is your thing, view Nabila Natarajan (Rizing AMS Service Manager) and Fabian Hernandez (Rizing Talent Principal Consultant) as they discuss new Onboarding features on the Rizing HCM YouTube Channel:

Self-Service Support for Career Site Builder SSL Certificates

The Career Site builder site requires regular renewals of the SSL Certificate. If it expires without renewal, candidates are faced with a warning message that the site they are accessing is not secure, which is poor branding and overall a less-than-ideal candidate experience. Renewing the SSL certificate used to be a time-consuming process with several points of communication with SAP.

The new SSL renewal process can be completed directly from within Career Site Builder. The steps which were previously completed by SAP – generating the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and installing the new SSL certificate – can now be completed by clients within Admin Center > Manage Career Site Builder.

This Production-only feature is expected to be available beginning December 1, 2021.

Additionally, the SSL expiration email reminder (released in 1H 2021) is now an opt-out feature for admins; previously it was opt-in.

More Recruiting To-Do Tasks on Latest Home Page

The latest home page experience now supports 3 to-do cards for Recruiting:

  • Job Requisition Approvals
  • Job Offer Approvals
  • Interview Central Feedback

The approval cards showcase key details about the approval, such as the Job Title, Recruiter, Hiring Manager, Location, and even a “Pending For” calculation that shows how many days the approval has been pending.
The Interview Central card is a prompt for interviewers to access the system and provide their interview feedback.

Heading Levels in Section Titles for Job Profile Template

Sections in Job Profile Templates now include Heading Level configuration, intended to support users who utilize assistive technologies such as screen readers. Proper heading elements allow assistive technologies to quickly identify the headings on the page and navigate the page more effectively.

Section headers for existing Job Profile Templates are defaulted to H2; this can be modified as needed from H2 to H6.

New Job Boards in the Job Board Market Place

Nine new job boards have been added to the job board market place for Recruiting Posting.



Hong Kong


United States of America

New Brilliant Hire Option in Career Site Builder

SAP Brilliant Hire can now be integrated with Career Site Builder. Brilliant Hire uses AI to personalize job recommendations and increase visitor-to-applicant ratio, with added insights on positions/skills candidates are most interested in and where they drop off.

A separate license is required to use Brilliant Hire.

Campaign URL Builder in Recruiting

Campaign URL Builder (to create campaign tracking links for specific job requisitions) is now accessible directly from the Job Requisition (hover) Action menu. Previously, this required several more navigational steps to access.

Deprecated Features

Several legacy Recruiting features are being deprecated (or soon-to-be deprecated), including:

Data Privacy Consent Statement 1.0

The legacy Data Privacy Consent Statement 1.0 will be fully deprecated on May 20, 2022; end of maintenance is on November 19, 2021. It is strongly recommended to move to the new Data Privacy Consent Statement 2.0 version as soon as possible.

Requisition Reports

More robust reporting options in Report Center should be utilized going forward, as the legacy reports accessible from the Job Requisition dashboard are being fully deprecated on May 20, 2022. End of maintenance is on November 19, 2021.

Marketing Central

Marketing Central (including posting to eQuest, Solique, and Broadbean) will be fully deprecated on Nov 19, 2021; end of maintenance was on Nov 20, 2020. It is strongly recommended to move to the latest Recruiting Posting tool for job posting as soon as possible.

Check out the SAP community blog for the latest information.

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