Achieving work-life balance: find your purpose

Created on March 8, 2020
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Editor’s note: International Women’s Day 2020 draws attention to the difference individuals can make with #EachforEqual. We asked our leaders to contribute their perspectives and are proud to share those here in this blog series. In this blog, Denise Powell, Vice President, Global Business Development for Rizing shares her perspectives on juggling work-life balance through a purpose-based life.


Work-Life Balance….

Balance is defined as “a state of equilibrium or equipoise; equal distribution of weight, amount.”

The definition makes me think about tight rope walkers, walking that fine line that truly defines what they do, their practice time, and focuses.

Work-Life “Balance” is truly a fine line between family and work.  Something we as working women, mothers, wives take very seriously.  The hard day at work, carrying the weight of the day, then ball practice, dance lessons, what to cook for dinner, helping with homework etc….you are forced to put aside the heavy work burdens of the day to give your family the focus and attention they deserve.

But at the same time, it provides little time to focus on yourself as staying healthy mentally and physically is a critical aspect of the daily activities.

I raised five kids with a highly demanding job.  Most days, I found it very hard to find that balance, but it does take inner strength, focus, patience, perseverance, and carving out that personal time to focus on “you.”  There were many days that I felt I lost control, but those moments always brought me back to mental clarity. After all, what are we working for? Our family.  Memories last a lifetime, don’t miss those opportunities and take time to make them special.


Blog #1 in Rizing’s International Women’s Day series is from Katie Obi, Rizing’s Chief HR and Transformation Officer who takes a look at the inherent gender biases both men and women hold.


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