Rizing Launches Hydrogen, a Simple & Flexible EAM Mobility Solution

Created on November 11, 2016
Last updated on December 7th, 2023 at 8:56 am by Asia Gelker

Introducing: Rizing Hydrogen

Stamford, CT, October 11, 2016 – Rizing, a global SAP EAM consulting firm, announces the releases of a new EAM Mobility Solution, called Rizing Hydrogen. The solution has been developed by Rizing, to unlock the full potential of any SAP EAM system by empowering the asset management end-users to work seamlessly in the field or in the office using the same adoptive interface.

“We have seen a revolution in enterprise system user experience during the past few years. No longer is it sufficient to assume that users will engage with enterprise systems using monolithic interfaces that tie them to their desktop” stated Mike Maiolo, the CEO of Rizing. “That is why we are very excited to bring our customers an EAM mobility solution that allows asset management end-users to focus on the work itself, rather than the technology.”

Hydrogen has a modern, SAP Fiori-based UX that works on laptop, tablet and mobile devices (Windows PC, iOS & Android). The solution is fully functional offline to support field based work, and it has an easily configurable high-contrast theme for better use while outdoors. A simple role based configuration for maintenance tasks shows users only the information that is necessary to complete their work, improving field productivity and saving cost by eliminating custom coding. Structurally, the Hydrogen solution has a flexible and lightweight architecture that easily transitions into the SAP EAM landscape with minimal impact.

“Most importantly, Hydrogen is developed, supported and backed by Rizing SAP EAM industry experts… and EAM isn’t just something we do. It’s all that we do” states Rob Ericsson, Vice President Mobility & Usability.

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