Asset Management in Clear View

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Today, doing our best to navigate through the COVID-19 crisis by finding the right synergy behind people, process and technology has become a priority. Companies globally are carrying out response and continuity plans that they never thought they would do. For most, this is an exercise that will define the next normal for their asset management and business needs. For some, the journey to a successful enterprise asset management infrastructure has just begun, and the path can be unclear.

In this recorded presentation titled “Keeping Happy Customers in an Industry 4.0 World,” our speaker will discuss the need to turn data into information through optimized processes and an integrated platform to turn information into smart decisions.

Meet the Speaker

David Harrison
Business Development Director, Enterprise Asset Management, Rizing

David has held General Management roles where he has managed teams, major budgets and complex, strategic and operational matters. This included the day-to-day management of a facility manufacturing a commodity product with nationwide acceptance. David is a strategic thinker who can quickly identify ways to do things quicker, more cost effectively, safer and smarter. Linked with his flair for entrepreneurial thinking, David has regularly challenged the business norms and created new revenue maximising opportunities. David’s experience encompasses both the Australian and Asian business environments. His expertise with large multinational companies and technical experts from both the USA and Europe has been further enhanced by his recent study trip to China.

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Watch the webinar: