Optimizing Your People Analytics for Strategic HR

Do you understand your People Analytics Maturity?

On-Demand Webinar

Hear from Megan Marie Butler BA, MBA, Cert HRM, PGR (PhD Candidate – Thesis, Advancing HR management practices using artificial intelligence), who will share some of the latest industry and academic research into the state of people analytics.

Learn more about the common pitfalls and barriers to developing people analytics capabilities and get actionable insights and access to resources that will help guide your maturity journey and improve your day-to-day analytics practices.

In this session Megan Marie Butler, Future of Work Strategist, and Mark O’Donnell, Senior Vice President, Experience Management will discuss:

  • Key industry insights into the state of people analytics
  • Common barriers and pitfalls
  • Understand the Drivers and Levers of People Analytics
  • How to access Rizing’s Complementary People Analytics Assessment
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Watch the webinar: