Getting to Your Digital Twin: Assessment to Implementation

On-Demand Webinar

This webinar will how to complete a successful digitization project. Using the vast experience of Rizing on multiple programs globally and across industry segments, the stepped approach will include learning and KPI’s from case studies.

Being the most used EAM system globally, SAP plays a key role in our digitization. Our session will also include the insights on efficient use of SAP EAM and using it as a core of your digital twin.

What can you expect?

  • Getting to know the challenges: Understand the holistic view on the requirements both from the business and IT, point of views – we will elaborate on how digital twin is addressing the problem statements and supporting in meeting the business objectives of an organization across business functions
  • Key digitalization considerations: We need to ensure that the key aspects are not missed and you take best advantage from the knowledge available today; we will cover these key aspects which includes, but not limited to, the following:
    • Industry standards, an overview of the standards which are required to be considered and where to apply them; some of the relevant standards which we will discuss in detail are – ISO 55000, ISO 15926, ISO 14224, CFIHOS, ISA 95, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, and others
    • Industry data baselining, understand the performance of industry segments on value creation through their digital initiatives
    • Good Practices, from practical experience which allow you a relatively smoother transition journey.
    • Metrics and KPI’s, as a foundation for continuous improvement
    • Process, people, systems and data, whereby the people are at the center; our people centered approach is part of everything we do, to ensure that people make the best use of technology
  • Role of assessments, in defining the requirement and efficiently begin your transition journey
  • Methods, templates, and tools, to support your assessments
  • SAP as a home for your digital twin
  • Implementation roadmap: Outlining the following key components:
    • Change readiness, considering the ongoing and planned individual initiatives, sites readiness, acceptability, training need and risk profile
    • Phase wise approach, describing on what do you need to focus on initially and what later, without closing any doors on future innovations
    • Governance, including the program set-up, RACI, collaboration, and other important aspects


Andy Startin
Market Unit Director UKI,
Enterprise Asset Management, Rizing

Andy is the market unit director for UKI, with over three decades of industry experience. He has been at the center of countless digital transformations and has been lucky enough to work with or for some of the world’s largest and most advanced technology companies; delivering significant outcomes in most market sectors.


Shubham Rajvanishi
Asset Information Expert and Client Partner,
Enterprise Asset Management, Rizing

As a client partner for Rizing’s enterprise asset management business, Shubham Rajvanshi drives business growth in asset intensive industries such as oil and gas, chemicals, metals and mining, and utilities. He specializes in managing strategic global accounts and business development for the EMEA region, enabling customers along their digital journeys leveraging his vast experience in delivering asset information and lifecycle management projects. ​

Harm Jan-Smit
Solution Architect,
Enterprise Asset Management, Rizing

Harm-Jan Smit is a Solution Architect with more than 22 years of experience, working mainly in the oil and gas and chemical industries. As a solution architect, he uses his extensive SAP EAM expertise in Rizing projects and supports sales and business development as well. He is responsible for ensuring that the Rizing’s solutions deliver value and are in-line with customer demands.

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