Stressed to strategic: Why practitioners need to invest in Candidate experience

Stressed to Strategic: Why Practitioners Need to Invest in the Candidate Experience

On Demand Webinar

In this time of economic change, talent acquisition and HR leaders need to be anticipatory, proactive, and business results oriented. However, most are feeling stress, whiplash, and uncertainty.

Industries like high-tech can go from hiring booms to freezes in weeks. Other industries like hospitality, professional services, and retail struggle to fill open and critical jobs.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from experts at Qualtrics and Rizing, who will discuss how you can stay ahead of business changes and be strategic advisors to your business counterparts. You’ll also hear how innovative companies are making new investments in their talent acquisition process to ensure they are the employer of choice.

Organizations can no longer afford to not understand why applicants chose to apply, continue to move through the funnel, or why they drop out.

In this session you will discover how to:

  • Maximize available candidate pools
  • Increase your offer acceptance rate
  • Shorten your time to hire
  • Boost candidate and employee engagement


Mark O’Donnell

Senior Vice President, Experience Management

James H. Killian, Ph.D.

Principal, EX Solution Strategy

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