Optimising Employee Experience to Enable Growth and Scalability in Construction

Despite material supply challenges, and temporary pauses to work necessitated by COVID-19, the construction industry is thriving.

Yet the sector still has a way to go in terms of its digital transformation, especially when it comes to the employee experience. In most construction firms, it’s not uncommon for employees to be using paper-based timesheets, and for scheduling to be done using Excel spreadsheets.

Payroll is also often managed manually, despite the complexity associated with managing pools of contractors in different teams and with varying levels of expertise and pay rates. Employee enquiries are typically handled on an ad-hoc basis, managed over the phone by the human resources team, or even the business owner, and career development and training is also often managed on a very sporadic and ‘as needed’ basis.

In this eBook we explore some of the core challenges that relate specifically to employee experience in construction and explain how a solution from Rizing can help.

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