Optimizing Employee Experience to Enable Growth and Scalability in Food and Beverage

How Rizing can help your food and beverage organization deliver a better experience for your people using Qualtrics and SAP SuccessFactors

The retail food and beverage sector employs millions of people around the world and more than 5.3 million in the US. However, the sector has experienced upheaval due to the pandemic and is still in flux. One of the biggest challenges is the skills shortage. Low wages, strenuous workloads, supply chain challenges, and working in public during the pandemic have led to the “Great Resignation.” Businesses are struggling to recruit quality talent. Workers remaining in the industry are taking a serious look at their availability and how they work. In this eBook, we explore the core challenges for the employee experience in the retail food and beverage sector and explain how a solution from Rizing can help.

In this White Paper:
  1. Challenges for retail food and beverage
  2. Is your employee experience up to scratch
  3. How to innovate with technology
  4. Success stories: Sobeys Inc and Sephora
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