We’ve broken down the major SAP®SuccessFactors® H2 2021 updates into bite-sized pieces to help you easily digest the latest changes. In this post, we’ll look at what’s new in Payroll.

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Update video

If you prefer video, Rizing’s AMS Senior Consultant Eray Kocaman and Professional Services Principal Consultant Eric Miner discuss the new features in the SuccessFactors Payroll module on the Rizing HCM YouTube Channel:

This article will be covering the Payroll Module in the H2 SAP SuccessFactors 2021 release. The SAP What’s New Viewer has a full list of changes along with the release notes.

The updates in H2/2021 will be available in HR Support Pack 99. Visit SAP’s Support Pack Release Schedule for more information.

Here are the categories covered below:

  • Employee Master Data Replication
  • Time Data Replication
  • Payroll Control Center
  • Other

Employee master data replication

Country/region-specific mapping support for no-shows

You can now configure a country/region-specific code value mapping for a No-Show event to replicate it to a country/region-specific inactive hiring action in the Employee Central Payroll system.

Rule function for get payroll area control record

With this rule function, you can create a business rule to validate changes when employee data is included in the payroll control record in Employee Central Payroll. For example, in the Employee Central Payroll system, if the payroll control record status is ‘RELEASED_FOR_PAYROLL’, you aren’t allowed to change data from Employee Central blocks Job Information, Payment Information, Compensation Information.

Time data replication

Complete payroll tasks for absences

In Payroll Unified Configuration, payroll administrators can configure tasks of time type Absence for Payroll Tasks.

With this feature, payroll administrators receive tasks based on time type as Absence in Complete Payroll Tasks. Payroll administrators can also filter employees using time type of classification Absence.

Proxies deletion support for time data

The Trigger Data Replication Proxy Deletion Job allows you to delete proxies that are no longer needed in Employee Central Payroll.

This feature offers an easier and more efficient way to delete the obsolete proxies as part of system maintenance. Where previously you achieved this result using the Import Data function, that was rather cumbersome, now you have a designated feature.

Enhanced Logic Support Dealing with Very Old Data Replication Proxies in Non-Productive Systems

We now have automatic logic to avoid unnecessary replication attempts when the Employee Central Payroll systems are non-productive systems. After 150 failed attempts at replication, the next attempt is set to 1000 years into the future, that is, no further attempt is done.

Payroll Control Center

Audit Trail Archiving in Payroll Control Center

You can now archive the audit trail of completed process recurrences of Payroll Control Center using the archiving object PCC_AUDIT.

You can archive audit trail for completed process recurrences if the residence period is fulfilled and read the archive files during the blocking period.

Enhanced Manage Configuration of Payroll Control Center

We have now enhanced version of the Manage Configuration application in Payroll Control Center for configuring validation rules, KPIs, and analytics. Simplified configuration of analytics, Preview of validation rules.


More Quick Actions on the Latest Home Page

The latest Home Page, available to use since the H2 2020 release, can be used via the web and in mobile apps for a more consistent experience across all devices. The nature of content on the latest home page is dynamic. Content displaying is dependent on Provisioning/Upgrade Center features and RBP permissions.

A Quick Actions section is available, where you can complete your most frequent or important actions. Quick actions allow users to perform a quick task without navigating away from the Home Page. SAP has added more quick actions to the latest home page with this release, such as My Team, Completed Payroll Tasks.

Open Payroll Information Links in New Tab

Certain custom URL links could not be opened within the Payroll Information People Profile page due to technical constraints. This feature allows payroll administrators to configure URL links to open in a new tab.

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