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Rizing has a variety of services to help you get the most value from specific SAP consumer industry solutions.

SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR)

The SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR) solution supports retailers with reporting, analytics, and business planning. SAP CAR provides intuitive, decision-ready access to critical business performance criteria (e.g., customer profitability, customer trends, sales, in-stock). Also, SAP CAR allows data to be stored at the lowest level (e.g., TLOG for sales transactions). No more wasted hardware for storing data aggregations. All data is reported directly from the lowest level of data capture.

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SAP Omnichannel POS by GK

Give your sales staff the point-of-sale (POS) functionality they need to excel. Designed for sports and entertainment, retail, merchandising, and catering businesses, this SAP solution supports all common POS requirements from sales and payments to discounts and loyalty management to streamline processes. Use as a standalone solution or integrate with SAP ERP software for even more options.

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SAP Forecasting and Replenishment (F&R)

SAP Forecasting and Replenishment optimizes the internal logistics of retail companies by improving the replenishment processes.

It aims to:

  • Cut surplus stock in distribution centers and stores
  • Reduce stockouts in distribution centers and stores
  • Lessen the manual work required by implementing highly automated replenishment planning in stores and distribution centers
  • Increase transparency in the supply chain through effective analyses
  • Minimize total cost of ownership (TCO)

SAP Merchandise Planning, Assortment Planning, Allocation Management

SAP Merchandise and Assortment Planning (SAP MAP) delivers a fully integrated retail planning solution to bring together comprehensive real-time performance metrics with powerful planning and simulation capabilities. The solution, integrated with SAP NetWeaver BI (Business Intelligence), offers many planning functionalities, analysis, and reporting options for seasonal and non-seasonal retailers.

SAP MAP leverages BI-IP (Integrated Planning) with all planning and reporting services and capabilities. The continuous cooperation between planning and reporting on different company levels and the inclusion of factors from other business areas makes it possible to analyze the company’s current situation and define the right procedures and goals for the future.

Pricing, Incentive, Rebate, Royalty, and Channel Programs

SAP has strong capabilities to help manage and improve the overall process, including Continue Contract Management (CCM), but there are gaps in the solution for many sub-industries. To strengthen their wholesale distribution solution and cover many of the current gaps, SAP has tested and approved numerous offerings from Vistex. Vistex leverages the SAP ERP platform and CCM to help manage go-to-market programs’ full lifecycle through strategy, software, implementation, execution, and analytics. They provide enterprise software solutions that deliver an end-to-end solution for the design, management, and administration of the entire spectrum of go-to-market programs.

SAP Promotion Management

SAP Promotion Management is a comprehensive solution for creating retail offers and preparing them for advertising to consumers. It supports business areas in advertising, marketing, merchandising, and administration. The SAP PMR documentation offers a comprehensive description of the application’s functions and highlights the relationship between the application and the underlying technologies.

SAP Marketing Cloud

Customer management: Customer information gathered according to regulatory terms of permission and consent is maintained as a single source of truth from multiple channels of your business. This information will be augmented with customer purchase history and further enhanced with integration to demographic and psychographic service providers. This rich data set can then be leveraged by machine learning to provide a concise and appropriate customer segment for each marketing campaign or event.


Marketing calendar: SAP Marketing Cloud provides a platform for planning your marketing campaigns and events over time. Each distinct go-to-market strategy can have budgetary goals assigned, be marketed to the same or different customer segments, and provide a collaboration toolkit for tracking against deadlines. Your company can execute these campaigns and events seamlessly over your omnichannel platform; brick and mortar, email, regular mail, texting, and web are all available to your marketing team.

Analytics suite: SAP Marketing Cloud provides a robust analytics suite that can be uniquely tailored to your organization’s needs. Use insights of past marketing campaigns and events to fine-tune your marketing spend and investment in product margin.

Trade Promotion Management

Trade Promotion Management (TPM) is one of the most important and complex business processes for the Consumer Products industry. Trade promotion costs range from 10 to 20% of sales, surpassing most companies’ annual marketing budgets and growing every year. Unfortunately, no one is satisfied with the management of this process or its ROI. While the technologies to manage the process continue to improve incrementally, TPM remains one of the most significant opportunities for digital transformation.

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