Rizing Bid Coordinator Alex Serbin recently attended The MasteringSAP EAM Conference in Australia. Here is his report from the field:

This was my first time attending the MasteringSAP EAM conference. I attended both the virtual conference and the live conference in Canberra. It was a great event to meet people located all around Australia from a variety of different industries and organisations.

In the virtual conference there were many informative sessions ranging from presentations with existing SAP® clients to system implementors explaining the latest and greatest in SAP solutions.

EAM Master Class

One of the sessions I found insightful was the Managing your Assets from Cradle to Grave masterclass presented by Rizing Solution Architects John Dwyer and Marty Ravell.

This session went through the asset lifecycle from end-to-end (E2E) and how to manage this through SAP via:

  • Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC)
  • Portfolio and Project Management (PPM)
  • Project systems (PS)
  • Work Orders

In this session the overall SAP solution was clearly outlined as well as some of the gaps and a few options that could be used to fill the gaps:


During the session anyone viewing could add their questions to the discussion forum and the presenters could then respond to the questions in a Q & A format at the end of the presentation.

The Virtual Lounge

My favourite experience during the conference was the Virtual Lounge, a virtual space where you could float around to different groups and meet new people. As you move your persona around the virtual space, your video and audio would automatically connect with others, almost as if you were walking around in a physical face-to-face conference.

This was a great way to meet people in different industries who were dealing with different EAM-related issues. It allowed us to bounce ideas off each other.

Guest Speaker

The guest speaker at the conference was a safari guide from South Africa. He explained how similar a pride of lions is to running a successful business/team. The performance was very engaging and insightful.

Following the presentation, we all broke up into groups, allowing us all to meet, have a drink and discuss with each other the latest in SAP EAM. This gave the SAP clients/Future SAP clients the ability to ask the experts any questions that come to mind.

The EAM Journey

Whether you are a new, familiar, or long-term SAP EAM user, MasteringSAP’s EAM Conference is a great event to help you progress on your EAM journey. It is a great event for networking and there is an abundance of the latest and greatest information available.