It’s no different in your home garage or on the shop floor at work. Nothing kills productivity faster than not having the right tools when you need them.

Asset maintenance projects are the same. Employees need the right tools for the right job at the right time.

Make sure that’s always the case by connecting your tool inventory to your asset data in SAP®.

Surinamese Oil & Gas company Staatsolie recently worked with Rizing to optimize tool usage by integrating tool data into Staatsolie’s SAP system. The tool data previously lived separately in spreadsheets.

This project was accomplished in just four weeks using SAP Plant Maintenance and SAP Materials Management.

Meeting Tight Deadlines with SAP Standardization

The short timeframe for the project—about half of the typical two-month window—meant moving quickly and working closely.

We began with a fit/gap analysis to make sure the standard SAP solution could support the project requirements. We found that the system could support 98% of Staatsolie’s requirements without new reports. The implementation was on track.

The implementation followed a highly structured approach. Getting critical people on board was crucial. We built a formal process at the beginning of the project to gain buy-in.

We then:

  • Defined the project requirements
  • Designed a solution based on best practices
  • Customized the system where necessary
  • Prepared and migrated existing data
  • Created users personas

Project staff then trained Staatsolie staff to use the system and conducted user acceptance tests. The app management team at Staatsolie took over once the system went live.

Remote Work

The Rizing team in the Netherlands worked remotely, helping the Staatsolie team in Suriname complete the work without the need for in-person interaction. This was the first remote project Staatsolie completed.

“Thanks to Rizing in the Netherlands for making this new way of implementation a success,” said Ratchasing D., SAP Program Manager at Staatsolie. “Rizing and Staatsolie deployed a solution within the timeline and scope and under budget. The advantage of remote implementations is saving on travel and travel-related costs.”

Short-Term Project, Long-Term Benefits to Asset Maintenance

While the project went by in a flash, it will benefit Staatsolie for years to come.

During implementation, Rizing helped Staatsolie get its data right by defining which tools should be equipment and which should be material.

Staatsolie also defined a process for tool tracking and tracing while implementing the solution in SAP PM and SAP MM by setting up standardized reports and master data.

With this process in place, Staatsolie can see the status and availability of every tool. They can also forecast tool usage for better planning. These capabilities help with maintenance work orders by knowing where tools are and when they’ll be available for the next job.

Previously, tools may not have been available for a job because tool status was hidden in a spreadsheet. Staatsolie can now track and trace all its equipment and materials to make sure they end up in the right person’s hand at the right time to fix the right asset.

Better tracking, tracing, and forecasting tool usage will allow Staatsolie to optimize its asset maintenance, which means more reliable asset performance and extending the life of assets overall.