Rizing Geospatial, LLC Texas DIR Contract Offerings DIR-CPO-4816

Rizing, LLC is pleased to announce that Rizing Geospatial, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Rizing, LLC (Rizing), has been added to the Texas Department of Information Resources (Texas DIR) Cooperative Contracts Programm. The products and services offered by Rizing Geospatial under this program and the contacts to acquire the products and services are listed below.

Contract Offerings

Software Products

Road Analyzer – Visualize linearly referenced data in a straight-line diagram. Additional information can be found here.

Road Video Viewer – View video images captured along a road or other linear feature (e.g., pipeline, railroad). This product integrates closely with Road Analyzer or can be used alone. Additional information can be found here.

Segment Analyzer – Integrate linearly referenced data using dynamic segmentation logic in conjunction with several statistical summarization and generalization functions. Additional information can be found here.

Validation Assistant – Analyze and validate data in Oracle and SQL Server databases to ensure conformity of the data to accepted standards. Additional information can be found here.

Report Engine – Prepare complex reports with tabular, graphic, and charting capabilities. Report Engine also assists in printing straight-line diagrams generated in Road Analyzer. Additional information can be found here.

HPMS Assistant – Integrate and validate the necessary data to generate the annual Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) submittal required by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). Additional information can be found here.

Intersection Manager – Create and maintain data relevant to intersection analysis and reporting for safety and traffic programs. Additional information can be found here.

OmniSpatial – Capture and update data in the field on mobile devices. Leverage data from a variety of sources to facilitate accurate data maintenance all from one application. Additional information can be found here.

Product Bundles – Many of these products are bundled together to offer full workflow solutions at discounted pricing. See the current price list for additional information.


Rizing Geospatial offers a team of professional consultants to address many geospatial project needs. Our consultants are experts in the Esri products and extensions and have successfully implemented many projects for small and large organizations. Additional information can be found here.

Rizing Geospatial also offers custom geospatial software solutions. Our professional software development team leverages the latest technologies and software development methodologies to provide reliable solutions that meet customer needs. Additional information can be found here.

In addition, Rizing Geospatial offers mobile LiDAR data collection and feature extraction services for planning, engineering design, and asset management purposes. Additional information can be found here.

Product and Services Ordering

For more information about our products and services or to receive a quote or submit a PO, please contact Connie Gurchiek.

Connie Gurchiek, President Geospatial
(941) 806-7976
Reference DIR Contract Number: DIR-CPO-4816

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