A Letter to Compensation Professionals
by PeterSass published on Jan 13, 2015

Everyone deserves to be thanked at least occasionally. Even the Compensation folks. Especially the Compensation folks.

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Do You Have the Supply Data for Strategic Workforce Planning?
by JamieStrnisha published on Jan 08, 2015

Here’s a list of key data elements, you’ll need to get started with strategic workforce planning.

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Moving from the passive to active recruiter through education
by MelanieTrudell published on Dec 30, 2014

We explore ideas to help you move from the passive to an active recruiter through education.

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Don’t Let Your Talent Reviews Outputs Collect Dust: Five Essential Strategies for Impact
by JoseLopez published on Dec 22, 2014

Here are five essential strategies that process owners and administrators of the succession process need to master to successfully implement talent review with the calibration function within the SuccessFactors Succession…

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Market your SuccessFactors Learning Courses With Catalog Recommendations
by ChristoperFellabaum published on Dec 22, 2014

We examine three primary components to setting up Recommendations in SAP SuccessFactors LMS.

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Creating a Solid Business Case for a World Class Onboarding System
by CurtisWeldon published on Dec 19, 2014

Creating a solid and rich business case for new systems is vital to the success of Human Resource responsibilities. 

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360 Degree Feedback – the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread – or is it?
by ChrisMiller published on Dec 17, 2014

There are a few common “pitfalls” to a 360 process to be aware of if your organization is thinking about adding 360 reviews or looking for ways to make your…

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How To Facilitate Optimal End User Adoption With HCM Solutions
by PaulRose published on Dec 12, 2014

The true measure of a new HCM application is the user adoption levels achieved throughout an organization.  There are seven crucial strategies for consideration that will lead to increased adoption…

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