Human Capital Management (HCM) software – what it is, how to implement it, who to partner with, and where to learn more.

Don’t look out your window.


Did you look?

Just for a second?

If you looked (you looked, right?), the world of HR just changed.

Maybe just a little. But it’s true. Today’s world of HR is ever-evolving. The latest thing to be aware of is HCM software – Human Capital Management. It’s not just another buzzword. HCM is a fundamentally different way to businesses to create a thriving workplace.

Maximize Business Success with HCM

We all know that the heart of any successful business is its people. Happy, engaged, and motivated employees are the driving force behind innovation and growth. That’s where HCM comes into play. Yes, it manages human resources. But it also creates an exceptional employee experience.

What Exactly Is HCM?

HCM is about connecting the dots between your HR processes and your employees’ needs, desires, and aspirations. It’s a holistic approach that goes beyond traditional HR management. Instead of just focusing on the nuts and bolts of HR, it looks at the bigger picture, considering your employees.

With HCM, you’re not just ensuring your employees are productive. You’re ensuring they’re well-taken care of, motivated, and empowered.

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Rizing recently partnered with WorkForce Software and SAP Insider to create the HCM and SAP S/4HANA – Benchmark Report.

The report includes:

  • Drivers Shaping HCM and SAP S/4HANA Strategic Priorities
  • System Adoption Plans
  • Barriers to adoption
  • Leaders vs. Laggards
  • Required Actions
  • Takeaways

Implement Human Capital Management Software for Strategic HR

So, how do you go about implementing HCM in your organization? Here’s an overview of the process:

1. Assess Your Current HR Processes

Take a hard look at your existing HR processes. What’s working and what’s not? Where are the pain points? What could be improved? This assessment will clearly show where HCM can make the most significant impact.

2. Get the Right HCM Software

Choosing the right HCM software is critical. Look for a solution that aligns with your organization’s goals and values. User-friendliness, scalability, and integration capabilities should be top of mind during your selection process.

3. Train Your Team

Introducing a new system always comes with a learning curve. Ensure your HR team is well-trained and equipped to use the HCM software efficiently. This will make the transition smoother and more successful.

4. Foster a Culture of Engagement

HCM is about creating a culture of engagement. Encourage open communication, provide growth opportunities, and recognize and reward achievements. Happy employees are productive employees.

Enhance the Employee Experience

Here’s how HCM can enhance the employee experience:

1. Personalized Experiences

HCM software allows you to tailor the employee experience. You can cater to individual needs and aspirations from onboarding to career development.

2. Real-time Feedback

Gone are the days of annual performance reviews. HCM enables real-time feedback, fostering continuous improvement and growth for your employees.

3. Empowerment and Autonomy

With HCM, employees can take charge of their careers. They have access to resources, training, and development opportunities, helping them to reach their full potential.

Achieving Measurable Business Impact

Here are a few HCM customer success stories from Rizing – check them out for more details on the business and culture improvements you can expect after a successful HCM implementation with us.


Olympus used SuccessFactors to create a single, integrated, cloud-based talent platform. They streamlined and simplified their talent processes and now apply those consistently enterprise-wide.

Case Study: Olympus Delivers a Unified HR Strategy with SAP SuccessFactors and Rizing


For North America’s largest utility, the challenge was training 20,000 employees who serve over four million customers. The utility industry is challenging for training providers because they have a mix of field-based and office-based employees with drastically different training needs. By working with Rizing to implement SAP SuccessFactors, they can spend 25% less effort to schedule 250 trainers to train 20000 employees.

Hydro-Québec Optimizes Training with Rizing’s LMS Planner


After working with Rizing to implement SAP SuccessFactors, Ornua realized more efficient and mature performance and goal-setting activities. There was an uplift in user adoption, and processes were aligned to the organization’s scalability, fulfilling the optimization objectives.

Ornua Improves Employee Retention Using SAP SuccessFactors

Why Partner with Rizing for Human Capital Management Software Implementation?

Rizing is your go-to partner for all things HCM. With years of experience in SAP solutions and a deep understanding of HCM software, we can help you maximize the benefits of HCM in your organization.


Rizing’s team consists of HCM experts who understand the intricacies of HCM software and how to tailor it to your organization’s needs.  SAP even recognized our abilities with an Expert Competency in HCM ranking.

Proven Track Record

Rizing has a track record of helping businesses like yours transform their HR strategies and achieve unparalleled success.

Continuous Support

Our support doesn’t end with implementation. We are committed to ensuring that your HCM implementation is a continuous success. We back up that commitment with an array of post-launch managed services.

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HCM software isn’t just a fancy addition to your HR toolbox; it’s a whole new toolbox.

By aligning your HR strategy with the needs and aspirations of your employees, you are fostering a thriving workplace and setting the stage for business success.

Partner with the experts at Rizing to make your implementation smoother and more successful.

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