“Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.” – Oscar Wilde

Customers often ask us to reflect on past projects and come up with some “lessons learned” to help with their projects. While each organization needs to reflect on its readiness before starting, we have five lessons to share from real-life experience.

And with deference to Mr. Wilde, we’ll keep mum on how we actually learned them.

Engage With Critical Stakeholders Early and Often

Who are these stakeholders? The individuals or committees that validate your project and drive user adoption:

  • Union Groups
  • Workers Councils
  • HR Business Partners
  • Cross-Line of Business Leaders
  • ‘Other Champions

Are you more or less likely to use the software you helped implement?

It seems obvious when you think about it. Employees who see decisions without their involvement are less likely to use the result.

Find those stakeholders, engage early and often, and you’ll turn doubting Thomases into champions.

Adhere to Product Regional HCM Regulations

Workforce Management has compliance requirements and restrictions at a regional level (such as GDPR restrictions in EMEA and Fair Labor Standards of South America).

Your organization is at legal risk if you don’t comply with these regional laws. As we work to integrate new solutions for customers, we always make sure to keep them compliant.

Customize Selectively

Adopting a standardized methodology is key to maintaining governance in large-scale, multi-module projects.

While customization initially seems attractive, it sends customers down an expensive rabbit hole.

We’ll guide your team in determining where the most ROI is. Practicing caution here is wise.

Create a Global Approach

Step back and zoom out.

View your solution regionally.

Then globally.

Can you start with a design or approach in one region and then roll that out to Europe, the Middle East, Africa (EMEA), North America (NAM), and South America (SAM) locations?

If stakeholders can see success in one location, it’ll be easier to visualize a successful future state in other locations.

And simpler is better. A reusable template using the same toolset replicated in multiple locations will speed up installation, training, and rollout. Customer service and future support will be easier.

Acceleration through Rizing Templates

And speaking of reusable templates…

We’ve learned a lot by helping regional and global customers overcome challenges.

We’ve spent hours documenting those resolutions into hundreds of reusable templates for the next time we work in the area or industry.

This lets us help clients shorten build times, go live faster, and see ROI sooner.

Reach out by phone or email! We’ll happily schedule a time to discuss how partnering with Rizing can accelerate your project!