Rizing’s Application Maintenance Services (AMS) helps corporate HR staff focus on bigger-picture issues by offering just-in-time access to SAP® SuccessFactors® experts.

The demands of meeting employee needs today while setting a strategic direction for the future workplace call for a different way of working – one in which Application Managed Services has a role beyond just cost-cutting.

Cloud solutions like SAP SuccessFactors® Human Experience Management Suite result in increased agility to respond to innovation, workplace evolution, and business needs. But you can only optimize your technology and be responsive with an agile support team.

New Trends Bring New Challenges

New expectations of HR professionals brings new challenges – which is why companies rely on a good HRIS to begin with. But without the right team, even the best solution won’t help you adapt to changing times.

Build Your Team of SuccessFactors Experts via this ebook.Most companies expect their HR staff to solve problems and define strategy, yet many of them are still too busy doing mundane, time-eating tasks. They aren’t left with enough margin in their day to tackle the bigger issues.

They suffer the mundane because they believe the HRIS will enhance the employee experience, with employees enjoying their jobs more and doing better at them. But those beliefs assume the HRIS system is managed and staffed with a well-structured and educated support team.

Building the Right HRIS Support Team

The right HRIS support team can look different for different companies: in-house, outsourced to an agency, or a hybrid model working with a partner. The optimal approach may change as your company needs evolve.

Many companies attempt to manage a fresh SuccessFactors installation in-house. But this requires having an on-staff expert administrator for each module of SuccessFactors. Not every company can – or should – afford that. What happens when you add a new module? Or an expert leaves?

What if you had on-demand, just-in-time access to SuccessFactors expertise?

SuccessFactors Experts On-Demand

Rizing’s Application Managed Service (AMS) is just that.

Our experience is your advantage. Our team of SuccessFactors experts can help you with post go-live support, monitor your use of SAP, help you use new features, and make the most out of your investment.

From SAP On-Premise to SAP SuccessFactors, Our AMS offering:

  • Gives you access to SuccessFactors experts
  • Tracks key performance indicators
  • Finds ways to streamline your processes
  • Identifies opportunities for innovation
  • Helps you manage your SAP environment’s lifecycle – wherever you are in it
  • Ensures sustainability and help HR focus on strategic endeavors
  • Brings leading practices and tools to help you meet company goals
  • Reduces risk as we handle your processes and monitor your integrations and interfaces

From business consulting to roadmap planning to release management – our AMS team of SuccessFactors Experts are ready to answer your questions.