The numbers vary. Some say 18%. Some say over 60%.

Either way, the issue remains. Many (or most) people pay for a gym membership but then never use it.

The added monthly expense is one thing. The unrealized improvement in health and wellness is another.

Unrealized SAP Potential

A similar story of unrealized potential happens in the SAP world.

At SAP Sapphire 2024, SAP said that customers aren’t consuming $600M in (or nearly 25% of) Business Technology Platform (BTP) credits.


BTP gives businesses a path to accelerate their digital transformation. SAP BTP credits provide access to the tools you need to enhance your business processes with integration, development, and automation.

By using the BTP credits you might already have, you can build vital integrations and extend functionalities using data and interactions from multiple sources from your IT stack.

Why Do BTP Credits Go Unused?

Some reasons we see customers not be fully consuming BTP credits:

  • They have a limited BTP strategy or lack the experience to launch one.
  • They are unsure of how to track BTP credit use.
  • Their contract has more BTP credits than they currently consume.
  • BTP credits are included in their Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement, but the IT team hasn’t created a strategy to use them yet.
Screenshot of the SAP dashboard for tracking BTP service consumption against credits.
SAP dashboard for tracking BTP consumption against credits (click to enlarge).

Don’t Lose Them

Underused or ignored SAP BTP Credits can cost you and your business valuable opportunities for growth and efficiency. These credits are not perpetual. They expire, meaning timely action is essential to maximize their benefits.

Read more about SAP BTP Credit expiration at

Key Applications of SAP BTP

SAP BTP is versatile and supports a range of applications:

Application Development

Develop apps with low-code/no-code tools and extend SAP solutions using the SAP Extension Suite.


Integrate with other applications, connect to business partners, and enable real-time data pipelines.

Data and Analytics

Break down data silos, analyze trends, and make informed decisions with SAP BTP’s robust analytics capabilities.


Enable workflows and decision matrices, automate manual processes, and use automation content packages to jump-start your efficiency gains

Artificial Intelligence

Integrate advanced technologies like Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (iRPA), Machine Learning (ML), and Conversational AI chatbots.

See more examples of how Rizing uses SAP BTP.

Benefits of Using Your SAP BTP Credits

Using your SAP BTP credits to support custom development offers significant benefits:

  • Connect SAP products with external applications such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Simplify IT environments with centralized oversight.
  • Gain real-time, predictive analytics to inform business strategies.
  • Rapidly develop and automate processes using prebuilt components and low-code tools.

Realize the Full Potential

Unused SAP BTP credits represent lost opportunities for innovation and efficiency. Acting now ensures you fully capitalize on your RISE with SAP investment.

Pack Your Gym Bag

Don’t pay for the gym membership and then not go.

You’ve already paid for the SAP BTP Credits. Now use them to transform your business processes and enhance your IT environment.

Need some expert guidance to do that? Contact us today and we’ll get the conversation started.