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Giving Employees Tools—And Trust—To Succeed Remotely. The Experience Matters.
by Craig Powers published on Sep 30, 2020

When Rizing's CEO, Mike Maiolo, joined SAP's head of global partner experience on SAP Game Changer's Radio with Bonnie D. Graham, we learned about how Rizing and SAP look at…

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Unraveling the mystery of the Intelligent Enterprise
by Sherryanne Meyer published on Aug 14, 2020

Rizing is one of the exclusive SAP Partners whose team members have been awarded status as SAP Intelligent Enterprise Partner Ambassadors.

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In Women’s History Month: The right to lift others’ voices
by Lindsay Jauss published on Mar 18, 2020

Lindsay Jauss, VP of Talent Management in our HCM practice invites us to be present at the tables to which we have been invited and make room for other diverse…

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How HR is handling the Coronavirus: Addressing Coronavirus with HCM Tech
by Sherryanne Meyer published on Mar 09, 2020

HR is handling the Coronavirus using SAP SuccessFactors and other technology to manage communications, absences and to track risk factors as the Coronavirus spreads.

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A Strong, Independent and Successful Woman
by Sherryanne Meyer published on Mar 09, 2020

Connie Gurchiek, Rizing's Geospatial President, and founder of Transcend Spatial Solutions, marks success by merit and choosing the right partners.

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The Power of Mentoring at Rizing
by Kimberly Sharp published on Mar 09, 2020

Having a mentor is key to life long success. At Rizing, a collegial spirit, collaborative culture and mutual respect forms informal mentor relationships.

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Achieving work-life balance: find your purpose
by Denise Powell published on Mar 08, 2020

Work-life balance may seem like an impossible dream. There is one thing keeping Denise Powell grounded. She has found her purpose.

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Remove gender bias for a healthier, wealthier economy
by Katie Obi published on Mar 06, 2020

Rizing CHRO, Katie Obi, shares her insights on how gender bias is holding us back and practical approaches to make a change.

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Real-world applications for Geospatial data and GIS. Where is the Coronavirus now?
by John Hudler published on Feb 26, 2020

With the Coronavirus at the top of everyone’s minds, Johns Hopkins University Center for Science and Systems Engineering developed an interactive web-based dashboard using Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) mapping to…

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Rizing, LLC: Thirteen Countries, One Company, One System, with SAP® SuccessFactors®
by Sherryanne Meyer published on Oct 31, 2019

RIZING, LLC announces launch of SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central to enable one-company approach to Human Experience Management and Customer Engagement [STAMFORD, CT] – [October 31, 2019] –  Rizing, LLC, is pleased…

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Rizing, LLC announces brand consolidation of SAP® Partners Vesta Partners, /N SPRO Consumer Industries, Synchrony Global and Rizing HCM
by Sherryanne Meyer published on Oct 18, 2019

Rizing, LLC optimizes SAP customer engagement with business transformation to the Intelligent Enterprise and Human Experience Management under a unified brand – Rizing.

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Rizing Promotes Bill Sarubbi to Chief Sales Executive
by Asia Gelker published on Jan 14, 2019

Rizing, LLC the parent company of Vesta Partners, Rizing HCM and /N SPRO Consumer Industries is pleased to announce the promotion of Bill Sarubbi to Chief Sales Executive (CSE) for…

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Data Migration: Prevent Data Loss and Build a Sustainable Data Model for the Future
by Muhammad Naeem published on Oct 05, 2020

How can your company ensure successful data migration? We have some useful advice to ensure quality data in your new system.

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Commoditized or Competitive Advantage? How to make your company’s “secret sauce” with your SAP investments
by Steve Bronson published on Aug 25, 2020

In debating SAP customization vs. standardization, companies focus on unique technical requirements. But uniqueness comes from more than just technology.

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Expert View: Reasons to Make the Jump to SAP S/4HANA
by Luis Lopez published on Aug 24, 2020

Looking at customer studies and improved functionality, companies in Consumer Industries can certainly find a compelling SAP S/4HANA Business Case.

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White Papers

Rethink, Reimagine, Redesign Payroll with SAP SuccessFactors

It's time to get payroll out of the back office and onto center stage. Here's everything you need to know to rethink, reimagine, and redesign payroll with SAP SuccessFactors

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State of the Market: Payroll and Its Impact on Cloud HR

This benchmark study from SAPinsider provides insights into the impact of payroll advancements on the cloud HR landscape.

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The Comprehensive Guide for Upgrading from SAP ERP HCM to SAP SuccessFactors

It's the A to Z guide to upgrading from on-premise HCM to SAP SuccessFactors. We cover everything you need to know from business case creation to implementation, user adoption, and…

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Rethinking Payroll – How Small and Medium Business can Make Payroll a Competitive Advantage

We look forward to seeing you at the live event. Check your email for Registration Confirmation details. If you don't receive the email within the next 5 minutes, please check…

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SuccessConnect 2020: The North American Afterparty

Join Rizing's own Lindsay Jauss and Jonathan Berke as they chat about their SuccessConnect virtual event experience and recap some of their favourite moments.

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Leading HR Technology Is No Longer Just for the Big Players

Explore the challenges currently facing the ANZ Small and Medium Enterprise landscape, and the role HR leadership plays in driving business success.

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