We’ve broken down the major 1H 2024 SAP® SuccessFactors® updates to help you easily digest the latest changes. In this post, we’ll look at what’s new in Performance Management and Goal Management, including 360 Multi Rater Feedback.

User Experience Updates in 360 Multi Rater Feedback

SAP included several improvements to the 360 Multi Rater Feedback function in this release. They include an easier-to-find Open Detailed 360 Report button and improved look and filtering for the Radar Chart. SAP intended these improvements to optimize the 360 interaction for employees and managers.

How to turn it on: This is universally available and automatically on.


User Experience Improved When Adding External Participants for 360 Reviews

There are now improvements to how users add external participants to 360 Reviews as raters. This includes improved placement on the Add External Participant link and a relabel of the Find Users feature.

How to turn it on: This is universally available and automatically on.

Continuous Performance Management (CPM) Legacy Version Deleted

Legacy CPM is now deprecated, and the legacy version will be deleted on May 17, 2024. If you have not already migrated to the latest version of CPM, you will be automatically upgraded to the latest version with this release.

How to turn it on: This is automatically on.

Enhancements to the Latest My Forms Page for Performance Management and 360

SAP made improvements on the Latest My Forms page, which include:

  • Changing the term Subject to Employee
  • Improving the Sort function to allow all columns to sort by clicking the column header
  • Improved search options

In the 2H 2023 release, SAP enabled the My Forms page by default. You had to disable it if you didn’t want to use it. If you disabled it and want to enable it now, go to Admin Center > Performance Management Feature Settings > Enable the Latest version of My Forms Page.

How to turn it on: This is on by default unless previously disabled with the 2H 2023 release.

Calibration Sessions AutoSave

SAP created an autosave feature for in-progress Calibration sessions. Previously, facilitators had to manually save while Calibration sessions were underway. The following scenarios have the autosave feature:

Users mark or unmark employees as “discussed”

Users drag and drop employees within individual bins to change their rankings

When comments for changes of ratings are not required, and users change employees’ ratings in different views

When comments for rating changes are required, users save the comment and close the dialog (the autosave saves any rating changes after 15 seconds of inactivity.)

How to turn it on: This is universally available and automatically on.