We’ve broken down the major H1 2023 SAP SuccessFactors® updates to help you easily digest the latest changes. In this post, we’ll look at what’s new in the Learning module.

The H1 2023 Learning release is split between the Enhanced Course Home updates and improved integration with other SuccessFactors® modules.

Many previously sunsetted features are also a step closer to complete removal.

Course Home Enhancements

The Course Home experience became standard and turned on by default in H2 2022. Customers can turn it off via an “Admin Opt-out.” In the H2 2023 release, it will be the only option.


In this release, Course Home Enhancements include managers being able to register other people using the class details page, and the ability to assign others from the item details page.

Managers can also add to learning history, remove, and recommend items when viewing their employees’ learning plans, view program details, and review curriculum requirements.


Users can add comments to approval requests. The course must have a price and “view instructional messages regarding registration” configured by administrators.

The “Competencies” tab is now “Attributes” for all users. The label is visible to all users and has a link.

Users can now edit their responses to Special Requests in class registration forms – up until the registration closing date or the class start date (if no closing date applies to the registration).


This release enhances the Program Details page after completing or closing an item launched from the program.


SuccessFactors will display a message informing them they won’t receive credit if a user clicks the Disagree button when using the AICC wrapper. The program will then give them a chance to make a different selection.

Integration Enhancements

The H1 2023 release of Learning improves integration with third-party software.

MS Teams

For customers with the extended integration between SAP SuccessFactors® and Microsoft 365, and the SuccessFactors® app installed in their Teams client, SAP SuccessFactors® will display learning assignment information and manager approval on adaptive cards in the Teams chatbot.

Talent Intelligence Hub

Learning can now integrate with the Talent Intelligence Hub framework to add attributes for competencies and skills to learning items, programs, objectives, and tasks. The key to this integration is using Attributes and the new Attributes Synchronization automatic process to synchronize attributes from the Talent Intelligence Hub.

Competencies are not replaced with Attributes, which has resulted in disabling that competency connector process.

Integration Review

You can now review the integration status of Learning with your SuccessFactors® Platform. SuccessFactors will complete the actual integration, but you can review it in System Administration  Configuration BizX with three possible statuses:

  • Sealed: Integration is sealed and can’t be updated by an Admin or Partner.
  • System Confirmed: SAP validated the integration, and it’s ready to be sealed.
  • Admin Confirmed: The system admin confirmed the integration.


For customers with a Webex Meeting Center VLS integration, the SuccessFactors® Learning system now supports REST APIs and the Webex Control Hub.

Feature Sunsets and Removals

We say “farewell” to a few features and options in this release.

SAP removed the Free-form option for the Send email notifications from the field in the Send Email Notification Tool on the Application Administration page.

The Copy User functionality reaches its End of Development on June 2, 2023, and SAP will delete it on November 17, 2023.

Auditing Enhancements

Audit information is now available for user-taken assessments including data on create, updates, and delete information for:

  • Quizzes
  • Quiz Answer Choices
  • Quiz Questions
  • Quiz Objectives
  • Exam Settings