We’ve broken down the major SAP SuccessFactors® H2 2022 updates to help you easily digest the latest changes. In this post, we’ll look at what’s new in Employee Central.

Updates to Hire Date Correction Tool

Customers shared feedback and SAP listened!

Previously, staff could only use the Hire Date Correction Tool to correct a hire date if it was in the future.

There are often situations where HR isn’t aware of potential hire date changes. HR Admins had to update the various effective-dated portlets with the new hire date.

The Hire Date Correction Tool allows for past-dated and future-hire dates to be corrected.

Due to Centralized Services updates, this will not be the only way to correct a hire date. SF will no longer allow editing hire dates via Job Information History.

How to turn it on:

This is a universal update but is a permission that must be added – Hire Date Correction under Metadata Framework.

Empty Effective Date Field By Default in Personal Information, Addresses, and Dependents Blocks

In some personal information portlets, when inserting a new row, the effective date will no longer default to the current date. In the past, customers had issues when employees using self-service functions in SuccessFactors didn’t realize the date default. You may need to update training guides or materials or update any other documentation/processes for that date field.

The latest homepage will now display EC Alerts in the For You Today section. The alerts are configured within EC or an MDF object and use the business rules for alerts and workflows. Examples can be an alert for an upcoming expiring Work Permit or an upcoming Contract End date.

These are not the same as the Admin Alerts, which are in the Quick Action section.

How to turn it on:

This is a universal update

Continued Centralized Services Updates

There are Centralized Services updates in this release. The best resource for updates is this Customer Community Page: Employee Central Centralized Services in Second Half 2022 (2H 2022) Release – Innovation Alert

Refer to the table from SAP below on the latest Universal, Opt-Out, and Opt-In schedule. One important thing to note with this release and Centralized Services is that Leave of Absence/Return to Work Job Information rows will no longer be supported via Import/API. Time Off or Time Off for Leave of Absence Only is the only way to have LOA records in Job Information moving forward.

Release ItemSecond Half 2022 Release (2H 2022) Preview/ProductionFirst Half 2023 Release (1H 2023) Preview/ProductionSecond Half 2023 Release (2H 2023) Preview/Production
Address Edit UI SaveUniversal
Compensation Information History UI Save - BlogAdm Opt-OutUniversal
Compensation Information ImportsAdm Opt-OutUniversal
Contact Information Edit UI Save - BlogAdm Opt-OutUniversal
Emergency Contact UI Save and Import / API - BlogAdm Opt-OutUniversal
Employment Details Edit UI SaveAdm Opt-OutUniversal
Global Assignment Edit UI SaveAdm Opt-OutUniversal
Global Assignment ImportsUniversal
Higher Duties Employment Details Edit UIAdm Opt-OutUniversal
Integration with EC CompensationAdm Opt-OutAdm Opt-OutUniversal
Internal Hire in the Manage Pending Hires toolAdm Opt-OutAdm Opt-Out (With Position and Absence)Universal
Job Information History UI SaveUniversal
Job Relationship History UI SaveUniversal
Manager Self-Service (MSS) UI Save Change of Job, Job Relationships, and Compensation InfoAdm Opt-OutAdm Opt-Out (With Position and Absence)Universal
National ID Edit UI SaveUniversal
Non-Recurring Pay Component Information Edit UI SaveAdm Opt-OutUniversal
Pay Component Non-Recurring ImportsAdm Opt-OutUniversal
Pay Component Recurring Imports - BlogAdm Opt-OutUniversal
Personal and Global Information Edit UI SaveUniversal
Publish Compensation Promotion DataAdm Opt-InAdm Opt-OutUniversal
Termination Imports (not available for Pension Payout enabled instances)Adm Opt-OutAdm Opt-Out (With Pension Payouts)Universal
Termination Information - Manager Self-Service Changes and Details Edit UI SaveAdm Opt-OutAdm Opt-Out (With Position and Absence)Universal
Work Permit UI Save - BlogAdm Opt-OutUniversal

How to turn it on:

See above chart

Deprecation of Monitor Jobs Tool

SAP will delete the Monitor Jobs Tool next year in the 1H 2023 release.

If you haven’t already started using the Scheduled Job Manager, start now. It’s a separate permission to access, but the UI is a tremendous upgrade from Monitor Jobs.

There is a filter capability and an increasing number of jobs that run on the back-end via Provisioning, providing customers with more visibility into their back-end processes. SAP is slowly providing access for customers to run those back-end jobs via Scheduled Job Monitor. Currently, it’s primarily for EC Global Benefit-type jobs.

There are three Employee Central Time off/Timesheet items we want to bring to your attention:

Replacement of the Old Time Sheet UI with the New Time Sheet UI

With the 2H 2022 release, the New Time Sheet UI has become Opt-Out, meaning it’s deleted in the 1H 2023 release. If you haven’t upgraded to the new UI, do it now. It’ll be a change for your end users – remember to update any related training materials. Be sure you are prepared before next year!

How to turn it on:

This is an opt-out feature

Download the Calendar File in an Employee Self-Service Scenario for Time Off

Customers have long wanted integration between Time Off and Outlook or other email calendars. With this release, an employee can download an .ics file after submitting an absence request.

The employee then can import this into their calendar. Note – employees will have to delete unapproved or canceled requests from their calendars.

How to turn it on:

This is a universal update

Early Adopter – Effective Dated Time Profile

We don’t usually cover early adopter features in SuccessFactors releases, but we’re excited about this one.

Time Profiles will be effective dated (finally)!

If you have ever had changes to your Time Off policies, the process has been cumbersome and confusing. If you needed to change or remove an unused Time Type, you had to either “ignore” them or create all brand new Time Profiles. If you created new profiles, you had to update the impacted employee’s Job Information, business rule, etc.

With this enhancement, you can add effective dates to Time Profiles like other Foundational Object type data.

How to turn it on:

You will need to reach out to the Time Management Product team via this Community link:  Early Adoption for basic Effective dating for the Time Profile object – H2 2022