This article covers new enhancements in the Recruiting Management Marketing and Recruiting module of the 2H 2022 SAP SuccessFactors® release.

Test Job Posting on SandBox

The Sandbox Available label in Job Board Market Place and the job descriptions will show the job boards that allow you to test your job postings before you post the job externally.

Users can now identify the job boards that provide a sandbox to test the job postings from the Recruiting Posting Preview environment. This allows testing the job posting on a sandbox some job boards provide. Previously, the testing option was unavailable on a sandbox and was done in the recruiting posting production environment.

Recruiters have been waiting for this. They can test the job postings directly from the Recruiting Posting preview environment and coordinate with the job boards to monitor the test job posted on the job board. ®

Configuration Type:

This is generally available for all customers and is a universal update.

Enhanced Search Functionality for Redesigned Applicant Workbench

The redesigned Recruiting Applicant Workbench now provides improved searching, filtering, and displaying of applicants who have applied for specific jobs.

Users can filter by

  • Background elements configured in your candidate profile template, like previous employment or education
  • Applicant’s first name and last name
  • Fields defined in your application templates and candidate profile
  • Keyword search in resume and cover letter
  • Facet counts for picklist items, such as Country, where you can see the number of applicants

For example, you can easily find a list of applicants who:

  • Currently live in New York
  • Previously worked for the ABC organization
  • Have proficiency in speaking and writing French
  • List keywords like Java, Python, User Assistance, etc on their resume

The Latest Applicant Workbench is available only for customers who have joined the Early Adopter Care (EAC) Program for Recruiting.

Configuration Type:

This is an admin opt-in.



New Reject All Cookies Button for Career Site Cookie Banners

We can now display a Reject All Cookies button in your career site’s cookie banner next to the existing Accept All Cookies button.

Career Site Builder has an Enable Reject All Cookies setting in its cookie manager. In the previous version, the Career Site Builder Cookie Manager tab didn’t allow this. Site visitors can now review, modify, and accept cookies of varying types, such as functional, performance, or advertising.

Customers from the UK, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Germany, France, and Ireland will appreciate this feature as the GDPR requires them to disclose to visitors what information or personal data will be collected from them.

Configuration Type:

This is an admin opt-in.

Other new and interesting features include:

New Job Boards in the Job Board Market Place

Five new job boards in the Job Board Marketplace, including “Get in Engineering” (Germany) and “Net-Empregos” (Portugal), have been added to the Recruiting Posting catalog.

New Qualtrics Feedback Opportunity for Recruiting Application Status Change

With Intelligent Services events, you can now send surveys to candidates on Application Status changes using Manage Qualtrics integration.

Improved Special Character Support in Job Searches

Special Characters can now be used in the Keyword and Location search in the Career site builder. They will be treated as regular characters.

Enhancements to Interview Central

”Thumbs up” and ”Thumbs down’ icons are replaced with ”Recommended” and ”Not Recommended”.