We’ve broken down the major 2H 2023 SAP® SuccessFactors® updates to help you easily digest the latest changes. In this post, we’ll look at what’s new in Opportunity Marketplace.

What is Opportunity Marketplace?

Opportunity Marketplace is a relatively new product offering in SAP SuccessFactors, which provides a central hub for learning, development, project opportunities, and assignments. Your employees can select areas of interest and see internal opportunities such as learning, assignments, mentoring programs, and internal job postings matching their interests and skills.

With this release, there are several notable updates to Opportunity Marketplace.

Decline Assignment Applications

Assignment owners/co-owners can now decline applications from applicants considered unsuitable and in the statuses of Applied, Offer Received, Offer Pending Approval, or Offer Accepted.

How to turn it on:  This capability is automatically on.

Enhanced Intelligent Recommendations Available for Opportunity Marketplace

Now, your employees can benefit from intelligent recommendations of learning items and assignments generated by machine learning algorithms in the Opportunity Marketplace. This gathers profile data and the employee’s system interactions. The recommendations appear in the Recommended Opportunities page’s Top Picks for You section.

How to turn it on:  This is customer-configured functionality. You need to:

Have permission to Admin Center>Manage Opportunity Marketplace>Manage Intelligent Recommendations in Opportunity Marketplace.

  • Turn on Enable Personalized Recommendations in Admin Center> Company System and Logo Settings.
  • Have Career Explorer as the role recommendation source for Opportunity Marketplace.
  • Enable Assignments in Admin Center>Manage Opportunity Marketplace

There are also minimum levels of activity data needed in the instance:

  • At least 1000 bookmarked learning items
  • Completed learning items
  • Bookmarked assignments
  • At least 100 users using Opportunity Marketplace
  • At least 100 assignments or learning items in the system