We’ve broken down the major 2H 2023 SAP® SuccessFactors® updates to help you easily digest the latest changes. In this post, we’ll look at what’s new in Succession and Career Development Planning.

Emergency Cover Option for a Position or Talent Pool

You can now enable succession planners to label nominees as emergency covers for a position or talent pool. This Emergency Cover label is independent of the readiness rating. This allows succession planners to identify nominees as emergency backup and long-term candidates for the position or role. Emergency Cover refers to an employee who can temporarily fill a position or role tied to a Talent Pool in case of emergency.   This designation is reflected as a small icon beside the readiness rating, as shown below.

How to turn it on: This optional feature can be enabled by Administrators in Admin Center >  Nominations Setup page by selecting ‘Allow labeling nominees as Emergency Cover.’

Create Up to 200 Mentoring Activities

With this release, mentors and mentees can now create up to 200 mentoring activities to support the work done in the Mentoring program. This feature provides much-needed flexibility for the participants to record and track their activities during the mentoring program.

How to turn it on: The enhancement is automatically on.

Add or Remove Participants After Launching Supervised Mentoring Programs

After matching and launching, you can add or remove participants to Supervised-type Mentoring Programs. Mentoring Administrators and program owners can now add or remove mentors and mentees after the program is in progress. For example, this is helpful if a mentor or mentee must withdraw from the program after it has begun.

How to turn it on: This enhancement is automatically on. Customizable emails are also available to notify mentors and mentees in Admin Center > Email Notification Template Settings.

Reopening Closed Mentoring Programs

You can reopen a previously closed mentoring program, changing its status to “In Progress.”  This beneficial functionality allows administrators to reopen a previously closed mentoring program if needed.

How to turn it on: The enhancement is automatically on.